Josh Groban Concert Story

All right, guys! Finally, here’s my Josh Groban concert story, extended edition! Let me tell you, we had a very interesting experience, to say the least! XD

So it was me, my mom and my younger sister who went. This was their first JGro concert; it was my second. We were going to the Wolf Trap Filene Center on Wednesday, August 20. Vienna, VA is about a 3 hour drive from where we live. And any respectable person would want to arrive at a concert at a respectable time, right? Aaaand part of our way to Wolf Trap involved some I-95 driving. Those of you living in the northern VA/Washington DC area know how stupid I-95 is. Thus we felt we had to add even more time to our traveling. So we left even earlier than we normally would have.

We end up getting to Wolf Trap early by two hours…

before the line had even begun to form.

The people at the ticket counter said that the line usually didn’t start forming until 5:30.

We were there sometime between 3 and 3:30.

We literally were the very first people to the concert. And the entire place was empty.Almost completely dead.

Heyyyy! First choice of parking spot! :D

And that was just what we did. We picked the closest parking spot we could find, and we just sat there. For half an hour at least. We had our windows down, blasting Jesse Kinch out of the car speakers. No one around to care. It was all really surreal and SOOOOOOAWKWARD! I felt like this was something that an over-obsessive fangirl would do: get to a concert too early. Early’s okay, early’s good when you’re tastefully so, but this was not tasteful!! This was embarrassing!

Eventually, we got all our stuff together—chairs, snacks, whatnot—and we sheepishly took the very first place in line. We were there on our own for a good 15-20 minutes at least, and then THANKFULLY a couple more Grobanites showed up, and the awkward tension was released.

So. There we were, standing in line with 2+ hours to kill before the gates opened. Since it was just us, we had both the freedom and time to run back to the car, in case we needed to. At one point, my mom sent me and my sister back to the parking lot to put something back in the car. So me and my sister are there just casually strolling down the sidewalk, and there are cars driving by every now and then—a normal road.

But then there was this one car.

And there was a dog in the backseat.

A blonde-colored dog with an adorable scruffy nose.


We got back to the line from that exhilarating trip and waited some more. Another advantage of being ridiculously early to the concert was that we had the protection of the roof over our heads when the rain started. It rained for an hour maybe, and then thankfully it was all over and done with before the gates opened.

Yet another advantage to being ridiculously early is that you get to hear a little bit of the rehearsals. It was beautiful! The last rehearsal we heard was I Believe (When I Fall in Love, It Will Be Forever), and we heard this different voice practicing with Josh! This different voice kinda reminded me of Austin French from Rising Star. I didn’t think much of it. By that time, the lines were more full, and we all cheered for Josh once the song was over. He said thank you to us! :D

FINALLY at 6:30 the gates opened. My sister and I were in the express lane, and my mom stayed behind with all the chairs and bags in the regular lane, and we made a beeline for the lawn. Guys, let me emphasize this: getting early to a Josh Groban concert is important when a lawn is involved!! Once the real crowd starts flowing in, the first come-first serve policy becomes very real. Since we got there when we did, not only did we have time to get a good spot, but we also had time to try out a few spots to pick and choose the one we wanted.

The concert started at 8. And what a pleasant concert it was! Josh sang the usuals like Changing Colors, Alejate and Voce Existe em Mim. But he also did a little mashup of two musical songs, which was interesting. And there were funny little stories in between songs. It was great! And Christian Hebel’s version of Dream On was so much fun! And sitting outside in the summer evening added a special something to the whole experience.

Then we got to I Believe. Again, like I said before, I didn’t think much of the fact that the guy singing in rehearsals sounded an awful lot like Austin French. But we did see some cameras on stage before the concert started—like someone was being interviewed. And my sister and I did talk about how it would be awesome if the judges on Rising Star brought the finalists with them on tour. Then before he sang I Believe, Josh started talking about Rising Star. Then he said he had brought one of the finalists with him. THEN HE BROUGHT AUSTIN FRENCH OUT!!! AND THEY SANG I BELIEVE AS A DUET!! AND IT WAS INCREDIBLE! We were the very first ones to see Austin French in concert (‘cause we all know he’s going places with that amazing voice of his)!! He got a VERY well-deserved standing ovation.

The concert ended all too soon, even with Josh’s tribute song to Robin Williams (which was so nice of him). We went back up to the foyer area, I guess it would be called, and I got a t-shirt, ‘cause I didn’t get any Gro-merch last concert, and the pangs of it still exist somewhat today. But now I have a t-shirt, and the world is a better place. :p

We were on our way out, when I just casually glanced over, and who did I see but Christian Hebel himself! He was standing by the gates signing autographs and taking pictures with people. My mom aggressively urged me to get something out for him to sign, but I shyly refused. I had NO reason at all to NOT get an autograph at least from him, other than pure, utter shyness. So we walked past him. I knew I was going to regret it for the rest of my life, but I never got his autograph. *heavy sigh* It took me a couple days to get over it. But it doesn’t hurt nearly as much now. Besides, if there’s one person I’m going to get an autograph first from the Groband, it’s going to be Josh Groban. :p

So there’s the official and long-winded story of my second Josh Groban concert! It holds a very special place in my heart and memories. <3 Moral of the story: getting to a Josh Groban concert ridiculously early has its unique perks. Very unique! :p


This will be my second time seeing him in concert, the first time being in Washington D.C. for the Straight to You tour in 2011. I remember last year when he came to Vienna, VA and I looked like a week before the concert to see if there were still tickets—‘cause we couldn’t really afford them at the time, but I still looked, out of curiosity— but there weren’t any. Sad day. :(

Fast forward a year. Same concert is happening in the same place. I finally have enough money to actually buy the tickets myself ‘cause I’m working. My mom can have no possible reason to say no to the three of us going (me, my mom and my younger sister). The only downside: I didn’t know what my work schedule was going to be like. I didn’t know if I was going to have either Tuesday or Wednesday off.

Then I got my work schedule on Saturday night. Wednesday off. Next morning before church I feverishly scrambled to the Wolf Trap website to see if tickets were available. I don’t know what sorcery was taking place, it being so close to concert day, BUT THERE WERE TICKETS!!! I had to wait until after church to propose the idea to my mom, and I never expected her to say yes, but she did!! So I bought the tickets. We’re sitting in the lawn area that’s probably a mile from the stage, and it might rain tonight. BUT WHO CARES?? IT’S JOSH GROBAN!!! I’m going to wear my new summer dress for the occasion. :) I’ll be sure to post the whole concert story for you all as soon as possible. But that’s my little pre-concert story. You can keep scrolling now. :)