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Here be me questions:

  1. Favorite TV show: DOCTOR WHO!! <3 <3
  2. TV show you wish wouldn’t have been canceled: Heroes. Seriously, who in their right mind ends an entire show on a cliffhanger??
  3. Celebrity you want to meet most: I’ve been dying to meet Josh Groban for a number of years now.
  4. Least favorite genre of music: Rap.
  5. Worst movie you’ve seen: Gracious, I’ve seen so many movies! Let’s see…I really didn’t like Pleasantville. Not sure if that’s the worst movie I’ve seen, but I didn’t like the message it implied.
  6. Best movie you’ve seen: Oh man, how to choose? I’m going to have to go with The Sound of Music. It’s always been a favorite of mine. :)
  7. Favorite reality show: Do singing competition shows count? If so, Rising Star would be my favorite.
  8. First OTP: Faramir and Eowyn. Reading their story in the books makes it impossible to not ship them aggressively. <3
  9. Favorite season: Winter. Definitely winter. I love the snow. :)
  10. Favorite holiday: CHRISTMAS!!
  11. Favorite sport: Uhhhh…figure skating is fun to watch on the Olympics. :3

All righty, 11 new questions! I’m usually terrible at thinking these up, but hopefully they’ll be fun. :p

  1. Do you collect anything? If not, is there a collection you’d like to start?
  2. Favorite restaurant
  3. Three things that terrify you
  4. People who inspire you
  5. If a celebrity were to read you a bedtime story, who would you choose?
  6. Ever seen a famous musical on stage? If not, which one(s) would you like to see, if any?
  7. Favorite movie you’ve seen in theaters (meaning it was 10 times better on the big screen than at home)
  8. Least favorite fruit
  9. City or country?
  10. What are some of the songs you can’t resist listening to when it comes up on shuffle on your iPod?
  11. What TV show are you most looking forward to, this Fall?